Gentoo is so broken

The next episode in my Gentoo rant.

Every time I do an "emerge -b -n world" to get the latest security fixes, I have several hours, if not days of cleanup.

A number of times glibc was somehow fucked up, so all dynamically linked applications would refuse to work.

This time, let me only pick the interesting examples:

  • I don't have a "vi" anymore. It tells me "unresolved symbol: pthread_create".
  • Proftpd doesn't start anymore ("unresolved symbol: setproctitle").
  • spamd starts, but fails to do DNS lookups (missing dependency to Net::DNS)
  • clamav regularly crashes (reason unknown)
  • The linker/gcc (3.4.4) fails to detect unresolved symbols at runtime. This leads to the vi and proftpd issues described above

This is a _production server_. *sigh*.

I sincerely consider switching Debian-ppc (in 32bit mode) on that Dual G5 XServe now. If that wasn't such a terrible amount of work...