One day of systems maintainance

Today I really felt like a systems administrator (which I've never been, at least never as daytime job).

On the software side, there were still a cuple of woody -> sarge upgrades to be made. Also, I finally have a running sparc64 setup at home again (all my other sparc's are hosted, and I recently crashed one during development).

On the hardware side, various pending repairs (broken fan's, bad memory, hard disk replacement0) lead to some shuffling of hardware pieces between my various machines.

As a result, I now have more storage capacity on my main NFS server, as well as on the main backup server. While planning the new backup strategy, I found out that all in all I own more than 4.6TB of hard disks. Sounds an awful lot, but most of it is lost due to various raid levels, and some 1.6TB of drives are only used for backups.

I wish tape drives with decent capacities were not all that expensive...

Tomorrow will be one day of accounting and taxes. So don't expect any further new netfilter stuff before I'm leaving for holidays in Scotland next week.