Linux Kongress

After my delayed trip back from Seville, I'm now in Hamburg for Linux Kongress. This turns out to be an extremely busy event, I have two 'regular' presentations, one full-day tutorial, and also have to host a number of sessions as "session chair" on behalf of the organization committee.

This means that there is practically no progress in either the usbdevio fix nor in the current x_tables work. However, I found some time to fix a couple of 14443B related problems in librfid.

Somehow I have the feeling that Linux Kongress has lost some of it's spirit over the last couple of years, which is sad. Especially sad, since the first Linux Kongress 12 years ago was the first time that Linux Kernel hackers have ever met.

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for 0sec in Bern/Switzerland, which I'm looking forward to.