Report from 2005

This is the third day of 2005, for me it's the second day, since I arrived one day late.

I'm having a good time, and the conference has come quite some way since last years Linux Bangalore. To highlight some of the changes:

  • Wireless Access almost everywhere on the venue!
  • Enough halls (actually: tents!) to host BOF sessions and the like
  • Lecture halls large enough to accommodate the whole audience
  • A much wider scope, Free/Open Source software in general, rather than just Linux
  • Lots of interesting presentations
  • Way better quality of food (even though it wasn't really bad before)
  • Sensible temperature instead of ridiculous amount of AC in lecture halls

Also, since the same amount of attendees are distributed over a wide area and more lecture halls, it is less crammed/crowded than the previous year. At least for people from a western country it therefore is way more relaxing, since there is more space between you and the people immediately surrounding you ;)