22C3 is over

Two days ago, 22C3 was closed. This years incarnation of Europe's largest hacker conference can be seen as a full success. Some 3000 attendees, about 180 lectures, a 10Gigabit Internet Uplink and our own /16.

The video recordings have turned out fine. We've had working WMV live streams, and somewhat intermittently working MPEG2 and MPEG4 live streams, as well as working OGG and MP3 audio streams of all four lecture tracks.

For archival, we have MPEG2Video (5Mbit) as well as the original DV tapes, and a FLAC audio recocrding.

Looking at the tremendous amount of work that went into the A/V recordings, and the fact that I'm involved with the A/V team since seven years, I'm actually thinking about looking for some other area where I can get involved next year.

My two lectures (on OpenEZX and librfid/libmrtd) went fine, even though they both had very little preparation ;)

In the next couple of days I'll be cutting the fourth day of the video recording, and then slowly getting back into netfilter and OpenEZX related development. Oh yes, and I'll also promise more blog updates.

For some strange reason, my git tree seems to have become corrupted over the last two weeks, so I first need to sort this out before getting any reasonable work done.