Have to turn down invitation on GPLv3 conference

As you might know, the GNU GPL is currently under review and version 3 is underway. With regard to the GPLv3 process, the FSF will be holding a conference later this January to which I had the honour to be invited.

Since many people have already been wondering why I will not participate: It is not because of the conference or because of the FSF. My previous contacts with the FSF have been very forthcoming and productive, and I would very much like to share my GPL enforcement experience at the GPLv3 conference.

Unfortunately though, the conference will be held in the USA, a country to which I'm not going to travel anymore because I don't want to hand over (and leave) my biometric information (aka fingerprints) in a country that basically has non-existing data protection rights, esp. when it comes to government agencies and foreigners.

In addition to the biometrics issue, there are numerous dangers from the software patent and the DMCA front for people like me who indulge in quite a bit of reverse engineering. In the end, the US just don't sound like a place where I would feel comfortable and/or safe and/or secure in any way.

My best wishes to the GPLv3 conference, I hope they'll have a productive meeting for the future of free software.