Another unproductive day of GPL enforcement.

I'm feeling terrible. The second day in a row where I didn't find time to write a single line of code, merge any contributed patches, squash any bugzilla entry. Not even to speak of paid-for work.

While I used to spend about 30% of my time with GPL enforcement related work, it now peaks at about 70% for the last two weeks. This is not a good sign.

So apart from talking to lawyers, proof reading legal paperwork, negotiating with allegedly infringing companies and the like, I now also start having trouble doing test purchases. Not only refuse some retailers to take orders from me, but also if I actually place an order it raises new problems.

The last web store I ordered a test purchase from now asked me for a complete, readable copy of both sides of my ID card. WTF ?!? This is totally against any data protection laws. There is absolutely no requirement for them to know my passport photograph, id card number, size or eye colour. So as a follow-up I had to write an official complaint with the Berlin data protection agency - as if I didn't have any other work to do.

Also, for the last months, I find myself giving about EUR 10k in 0% interest loans to GPL infringing companies. That's the amount of money spent for test purchases that I had to do to confirm GPL violations but which hasn't yet been reimbursed.

About the only positive thing in the course of my work day was producing the Chaosradio Express issue on gpl-violations, which Tim and I did earlier this evening.

Oh, and the best thing that happened today in general, is that the German Federal Constitutional Court has invalidated a recent law that allowed the government to order the military to shoot a passenger plane which was abducted by terrorists. At least some people still have a sane view on human rights.