Back to Brazil after 4.5 years

So finally it's happening: I'm currently sitting in an airplane, already deep into .br airspace. Ever since I left Conectiva/Curitiba/Brazil in quite a hurry in late summer of 2001, I intended to come back. My original plan then was to take Elisabeth with me and show her what I've experienced in those six months of Brazil. Also, due to my way-earlier-than-planned departure from this fascinating country, I missed many of the things I had planned originally - such as travelling to the northeast and the amazon region.

But just like that never worked out the way it was planned, I now find myself in an accidental symmetry: I left Brazil to live with Elisabeth - and just after that has ended now, I get back to Brazil. No, not moving back - but at least two weeks of visiting ex-colleagues, (ex-?)friends and places I have known and loved.

At a time of such fundamental change in my life, I feel excited about any kind of new adventures, possibilities, etc.

Due to time restrictions, this is unfortunately not the time when I will be doing all the travel that I originally intended. I'm really too much involved with my many non-profit projects, and besides that I somehow have to earn a bit of money, too ;)

But I'm quite sure that at some point I'll come back. Talvez um pouco mais preparado, depois de ter aulas de portugues. Acho que e muito dificil no Brasil sem falar a lingua nativa.