My reason for being away from OpenEZX

This post should have been posted months ago, but only since very recently I'm allowed to talk about the real reason. You might have read about it, if you read my full blog, but I'm posting this again in the 'a780' category to make it appear on

I've been hired to be key element in the design and implementation of the OpenMoko platform and the first device it supports: The Neo1973 phone. While there is no provision in the contract preventing me from working on the OpenEZX project at all, this assignment has just sucked up all available time like a vacuum cleaner.

To OpenEZX developers, users and supporters: Please be assured that most of the work done on OpenMoko will eventually benefit OpenEZX quite a lot. So please stay tuned, and concentrate on the low-leve device-specific issues that need to be resolved with the Motorola EZX hardware :)