Merging OpenMoko patches with u-boot and kernel mainline trees

Those following the OpenMoko commitlog will have noticed quite a bit of activity in the areas of u-boot and kernel patchset. For u-boot we always tried to track mainline git. For the kernel, there is now a patchset against the current Linus git tree (2.6.24-rc4 should also work) at

I'm intending to do some level of testing after the merge, and then submit the majority of the stuff. For kernel, I don't expect many issues. For u-boot, it will be a quite painful process.

So if you now think this means that I'm back working for OpenMoko, this is wrong. I'm doing this for a personal reason: I merely want to make sure that the code I wrote throughout the last 18 months will not bit rot somewhere but is actively merged into mainline.