Repairing VIA EPIA-ME6000 busted capacitors

Just before Christmas, my vdr powered diskless Linux-based digital video recorder went bust. A bit of testing revealed that the VIA EPIA-ME6000 main board itself must be dead.

I immediately ordered a replacement mini-ITX board without further investigating the broken one, expecting that the replacement might actually arrive before the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately this didn't happen. While replacing the board, I discovered that six of the 1000uF electrolytic capacitors went bust.

So today I finally found a bit of time (it's great to be able to find time to do things again) to try and replace the broken capacitors. Despite the new ones being slightly larger, the board now works again like a charm. And that at a total cost of 1.62 EUR.

So now I have two working mini-ITX boards. Guess I have to either find some use for it, or sell the new one again...