Meeting between and FSFE FTF

The last two days, I enjoyed a meeting between and the FSF Europe Freedom Task Force.

Participating were Armijn Hemel (whom I have to thank to assure doesn't die while I was in Taiwan for OpenMoko), Shane Coughland (who is doing an excellent job coordinating the FTF) and myself. For a couple of hours we've also been joined by Till Jaeger, who has handled all the legal cases of so far.

This meeting has been over-due, mostly because I basically dropped off the planet for way too long time. We've discussed all the current matters regarding strategies for license enforcement, current cases, progress of the FTF legal and technical networks, as well as future plans for incorporating the project.

Yes, you have read correctly. I've been planning to do this for quite some time, and I'm confident that 2008 will finally be the year in which this happens. It's too early to talk about any details, but this is the logical step to assure both financial and legal independence of the project from my person, as well as scalability. As you might know, we have a couple of hundred reported violations and can only cherry-pick those we consider particularly important.

In any case, it was a very productive meeting. I seriously believe it has helped to make all of us work together in a coherent manner, i.e. increased productivity and effectiveness for a long-term strategy to increase the amount of free software license compliance in the industry.