Departing for the FSF Europe Legal and Licensing Workshop 2009

In about six hours I'll be travelling to the Second Free Software Foundation European Licensing and Legal Workshop in Amsterdam. I've been to the fist workshop last year, and it was an excellent event, with all the important stakeholders present. Corporate legal departments of companies that already had their fair share of GPL incompliance, independent lawyers and legal experts, as well as folks with a Free Software community background such as myself.

The FSFE Freedom Task Force has done quite a bit of work during the last year, and their Legal Network has been growing. So there are a lot of signs indicating that this years workshop will be at least as good as the previous one.

I'm especially happy that this year we have a legal expert from Taiwan among the participants. Somebody who understands both the Free Software culture but also has had contact with the Taiwanese Embedded Industry: Florence (Tung-Mei) Ko. Given the many GPL problems that we see in embedded gear that was developed in Taiwan, I think many people at the workshop will be interested in the experience and insight that she can share with us.

So for the next two days, I will once again have to put my glofiish reverse engineering, OpenBSC and VIA related work aside and put my hat on. Not really pleasant for the engineer that I am - but a necessity to help bring more GPL compliance into the industry.