One week visit with Ben Dooks at Samsung System LSI

I have just spent one week with Ben Dooks (the mainline Linux kernel maintainer for the Samsung s3c24xx and s3c64xx system-on-a-chip devices) in Korea, meeting extensively with Samsung System LSI and discussing future cooperation and a way to get support for all Samsung SoCs into mainline.

This is a remarkable step, considering that in the past, Samsung was working on their own Linux kernel ports, done in a typical semiconductor-vendor style and not very mainline-compatible - while Ben Dooks was writing his own independent code, accepting contributions from various individuals and companies.

Now everybody was on one table, discussing and defining a strategy and workflow how we can achieve complete support for all Samsung SoCs in the mainline kernel. It was a very constructive discussion, and hopefully we can follow quickly with a just as constructive and productive integration.

I'll report back to this blog once there is some visible result in terms of 'show me the code'.