The txtr e-book reader hardware architecture released

Today, the Berlin-baased start-up txtr has released more technical details on their first e-book reader.

They have also released their developer website including a wiki and access to a svn server with sources as well as fedora11 based source and binary RPM's.

What's also interesting is that they have disclosed a hardware block diagram and a PCB footprint on their developer website before the product even starts shipping to the mass market.

As few of you will know, some my friends and colleagues are behind the system-level software and hardware R&D. The electrical engineering is done by Milosch and Brita of bitmanufaktur, with whom I've had the pleasure to work on OpenOCD, OpenPICC, OpenBeacon as well as for a dedicated assignment inside Openmoko. Andy Green of Openmoko kernel + bootloader hacking fame has also been involved... last but not least for porting Qi (originally developed for the never manufactured Openmoko GTA03 based on the Samsung S3C6410) to the Freescale i.MX31.