Announcing OsmocomBB: Free Software / Open Source GSM Baseband firmware

Last, but not least, I am proud to announce the OsmocomBB project publicly. During the last 7 weeks, a small group of skilled developers has been working on this

It has now reached a point where we can

  • scan the spectrum for the strongest signal GSM channels
  • lock onto them and performing AFC (automatic frequency control)
  • decode the SCH burst to obtain BSIC and GSM frame time
  • decode the BCCH of the cell, pass it over to the host PC and feed it into wireshark

Since this in itself is a valuable and useful milestone of the project, it was the ideal opportunity to take this project public.

There's still a lot of work to be done in many areas. Most of them are not even related to the GSM air interface. So if you're familiar with C development on an ARM7TDMI based microcontroller, know your way around I2C and SPI, are familiar with the GNU toolchain for ARM and want to help us out: Please join the baseband-devel mailing list right away!