I'm still alive - short update...

In the last two months I barely found time to update this blog. I'm now back on track and will try to update the blog more frequently.

The CCC Camp 2011 has been great, and the OpenBSC based camp GSM network has been a success, despite some initial problems. Thanks again to everyone helping with the build-up and operation of it, and thanks for all our volunteer users/testers.

Most of the time since I've been buried alive in work, almost exclusively related to various sub-projects surrounding the Osmocom GSM protocol implementations. We're working on every level of the protocol stack at the same time, and on network elements from BTS, BSC up well into the core network, media gateways, etc.

Most recently I've been doing some work with openembedded (OE) again, and I've had more contact with the intrinsics of GSM AMR than I ever imagined I would.

There's lots of exciting stuff ahead, but I don't want to talk about it until the respective code is public and the stuff actually works.

The only really ugly thing that I have to deal with again and again is a lawsuit related to the GPL infringement of the German vendor of the Fritz!Box DSL routers. I'll follow-up on that shortly. One of the most ridiculous things they claim is that their products are not DSL routers :)