Still alive, just not blogging

It's been months without any update to this blog, and I feel sad about that. Nothing particular has happened to me, everything is proceeding as usual.

At the Osmocom project we've been making great progress on a variety of fronts, including

  • 3GPP LCLS (Local Call, Local Switch)
  • Inter-BSC hand-over in osmo-bsc
  • load Based hand-over in osmo-bsc
  • reintroducing SCCPlite compatibility to the new BSC code in osmo-bsc / libosmo-sigtran
  • finishing the first release of the SIMtrace2 firmware
  • extending test coverage on all fronts, particularly in our TTCN-3 test suites
  • tons of fixes to the osmo-bts measurement processing / reporting
  • higher precision time of arrival reporting in osmo-bts
  • migrating services to new, faster servers

At sysmocom, next to the Osmocom topics above, we've

  • made the sysmoQMOD remote SIM firmware much more robust and reliable
  • after months of delays, finally SIMtrace2 hardware kits are available again
  • created autoamtic testing of pySim-prog and sysmo-usim-util
  • extended our osmo-gsm-tester based automatic testing setup to include multi-TRX nanoBTS setups

In terms of other topic,

  • my wife and I have been to a three week motorbike tour all over the Alps in July
  • I've done tons of servicing (brake piston fittings, brake tubes, fuel line, fixing rust/paint, replacing clutch cable, choke cable, transmission chain, replacing several rusted/worn-out needle bearings, and much more) on my 22year old BMW F650ST to prepare it for many more yers to come. As some type-specific spare parts (mostly plastic parts) are becoming rarer, it was best to take care of replacements sooner than later
  • some servicing/repairs to my 19 year old Audi A4 car (which passed German mandatory inspection without any deficiency at the first attempt!)
  • some servicing of my Yamaha FZ6
  • repaired my Fairphone 2 by swapping the microphone module (mike was mute)
  • I've re-vamped a lot of the physical/hardware infrastructure for and other sites I run, which was triggered by having to move racks