OsmoDevCon 2024: "GlobalPlatform in USIM and eUICC"

I've presented a talk GlobalPlatform in USIM and eUICC as part of the OsmoDevCon 2024 conference on Open Source Mobile Communications.

The GlobalPlatform Card Specification and its many amendments play a significant role in most real-world USIM/ISIM, and even more so in eUICC.

The talk will try to provide an overview of what GlobalPlatform does in the telecommunications context.

Topics include:

  • security domains

  • key loading

  • card and application life cycle

  • loading and installation of applications

  • Secure Channel Protocols SCP02, SCP03

You can find the video recording at https://media.ccc.de/v/osmodevcon2024-173-globalplatform-in-usim-and-euicc