OsmoDevCon 2024: "Using bpftrace to analyze osmocom performance"

I've presented a talk Using bpftrace to analyze osmocom performance as part of the OsmoDevCon 2024 conference on Open Source Mobile Communications.

bpftrace is a utility that uses the Linux kernel tracing infrastructure (and eBPF) in order to provide tracing capabilities within the kernel, like uprobe, kprobe, tracepoints, etc.

bpftrace can help us to analyze the performance of [unmodified] Osmocom programs and quickly provide information like, for example:

  • Histogram of time spent in a specific system call

  • Histogram of any argument or return value of any system call

You can find the video recording at https://media.ccc.de/v/osmodevcon2024-203-using-bpftrace-to-analyze-osmocom-performance