Fortinet woes continue

Fortinet has sent out some information to their partners on the preliminary injunction.

They make the following wrong statements:

  • The GPL open software project. There is no "open software" and no "GPL open software" project. It's the project, and it's about "free software"
  • GPL is targeting pro-actively many leading firms. The project is not targeting anyone. It just wants to bring commercial users of free software into compliance with copyright and the license terms.
  • a very small piece of FortiOS contains GPL software. That is ridiculous. The FortiOS is based on a full Linux kernel, therefore the most important and largest piece of FortiOS is the GPL-licensed Linux kernel.
  • We recently [...] have [...] been diligently working with him to resolve this matter [...] and [were] surprised that Mr. Welte pursued a preliminary injunction. Fortinet has not signed a declaration to cease and desist even until today. They were very well informed and warned multiple times that we would seek injunctive relief if they didn't sign such a declaration within a four-week deadline.

As you can see, they're trying to hide the extent of GPL licensed code they use, and they make wrong statements about the projects and it's actions.