Arrived in Zagreb for CLUC

12 hours after leaving my apartment in Berlin yesterday I finally arrived in Zagreb, Croatia. No, I didn't go by car, but I was using planes.

First I took a MALEV Berlin -> Budapest flight, only to learn in Budapest that the connection to Zagreb has been cancelled. After a four hour delay, they got me onto a Flight back to Germany (this time Frankfurt), where after two more hours I was scheduled to connect to Zagreb.

When arriving in Zagreb, my Luggage didn't appear, so I went to the lost luggage office. To my surprise, the luggage had arrived before I did. This despite the fact that the Malev representative in Budapest re-routed the luggage to assure it would always accompany me on my trip.

Anyway, I finals arrived at about 8pm and went for some dinner and beers with Vlatko, one of the organizers of the CLUC conference.

Today I gave a four hour workshop on netfilter/iptables firewall administration. To the best of my knowledge that went quite well.

Tomorrow I'll be giving a regular netfilter/iptables presentation, something that I didn't do for quite some time. Feels good to talk about technical stuff again, after all the presentations on legal issues and gpl enforcement.