Trying to get the Omnikey CardMan 4040 to work with OpenCT

Following up my recent patch implementing support for CardMan 5121 and 4000, I'm now currently working on adding support for the latest PCMCIA version, the CardMan 4040 to OpenCT.

The CM4040 seems to be a CCID USB reader with some glue to attach it to the PCMCIA interface. So instead of receiving URB's via the USB stack, you pull them out of a FIFO in the card's I/O address space.

So the first issue is that the CCID code in OpenCT (as much as everywhere else, AFAICT is USB dependent. I've now tried to separate the CCID code from the USB dependent part, and I must be very close to the final solution, since I already see the ICC POWER ON request being sent to the card, and the reply coming back from the card. Now OpenCT calls poll() which is not supported by the kernel, we get -EXIO and disregard the reply from the kernel.

So with some luck, I'll have it running at some later point today.