I want to say sorry to the many people whom I had almost no chance to talk to during my visit. I know it's no excuse, but believe me, I'm just too involved with way too many things at the same time. For any rational reason, I should not have attended the conference, because I cannot afford that amount of time. I have even skipped OLS in Ottawa earlier this year, Linuxtag and Linux Kongreess in Germany, as well as I have turned down an invitation from in early 2007. I always was (and still am) a big fan of lb/, that's why I thought I got to be there, even this time.

My work schedule of the last couple of months has been optimized to work at least 12 hour per day, seven days a week, with no external interruptions and almost no interaction with the outside world apart from checking the most important emails about twice per day. No going out to clubs, no parties, no movies, no TV, and close to zero meeting with friends either. Not even time for filing tax declarations in time.

Now being at the conference, I'm suffering severely since my backlog of work is basically growing by one day every day I'm here. This is very stressful, and I apologize if I cannot respond adequately to those who actually are interested in my work, or even want to offer help. I know this is not helpful, but please accept that this time I just can't help it. My reactions have come down to self-defense. If you ask me anything, even the smallest thing that I'd have to add to my TODO list, you will trigger a defensive reaction, rather than a polite and helpful one.

I hereby ask you for your understanding. I am at the absolute limit. Give me a break. Thanks.