Stupid extreme AC has made me sick again

Just like the 2003/2004, the insane amount of air condition at J N Tata Auditorium has made me catch a cold once again. This is not a surprise, considering that I had a hard time typing while sitting in there, having to regularly warm up my fingers by sitting on my hands.

This is just something that I will never understand. When there's a reasonable, comfortable temperature outside (let's say 25 degrees Celsius), why would you ever do more than just exchange the air inside the hall (e.g. just blow air from the outside into the room, and remove 'used air')? Of what use is it to chill the room down to sub-20 degrees?

Interestingly, a lot of Indian people seem to be used to it, since they were wearing short-sleeved shirts, while we were freezing even wearing t-shirt plus long-sleeved shirt...

This consumes _a lot_ of energy. The AC in the main hall is at least in the order of 30..50 kW, if not more. No wonder that India wants more nuclear power plants. I don't want to imagine the amount of power consumption by ACs nationwide.

Some ventilation is more than efficient in many cases. Even during two weeks of Kerala in March this year, I was using the AC only once at a single hotel.

Please, think twice before using an AC or even turning it to ridiculous amounts. Is the energy waste and increased health risks (think of not regularly cleaned filters, etc) really worth a slight increase in comfort? How weak have we become if we can't even tolerate temperatures up to, let's say, 30 centigrade?